Photo: Chris Randle (TSF13 - Kat, Madelaine and Monica in the Cree Creation Story)
Fourth Annual Louis Riel Day Celebrations (photo by Chris Randle)
Monica Trejbal, Madelaine McCallum and Kat Single-Dain in Cooking It Up Métis (photo by Tim Matheson)
Louis Riel Metis Dancers at the Coastal First Nations Festival (photo by Tom Wiebe)
Monica Trejbal, Madelaine McCallum, Kat Single-Dain & Eloi Homier in Cooking It Up Métis (photo by Tim Matheson)
Madelaine McCallum & Yvonne Chartrand at Third Annual Louis Riel Day (photo by Chris Randle)


Compaigni V'ni Dansi presents the 9th annual Louis Riel Day Celebration on Saturday November 15 at 7:30pm. 

This evening celebration honours Louis Riel, an inspiration for the resilience of the Métis nation. 

We are delighted to feature Artistic Director, Yvonne Chartrand, in Sara Riel: The Long Journey - a new work by Robin Poitras and Edward Poitras. Sara is a contemporary dance work set within a visual installation and explores the life of Sara Riel, sister to Louis.

Company Artistic Director, Yvonne Chartrand, just finished up 2 weeks in studio creating new solo work Eagle Spirit. With the inspiring dramaturgical work of renwoned dance artist, Lee Su-Feh, Yvonne is exploring themes of death and rebirth in this contemporary dance work inspired by the passing of her mother. 

Yvonne and Lee will spend another 2 weeks in studio in January 2015 when we look forward to inviting you to a studio showing of the work.